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What is a Charter School ?

A Charter School is a Public school that may provide instruction in any of grades K-12 that are created or organized by a group of teachers, parents, community leaders or a community-based organization.
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What is a Homeschool ?

In current usage, homeschooling usually refers to teaching and learning in the home setting for children of K-12 grade levels through direct instruction provided by a parent, a tutor or other teacher chosen by the parent.

The SDNH homeschool approach allows the parents to benefit from guidance provided by a credentialed teacher who helps insure a successful homeschooling experience.

SDNH credentialed teachers have many years of classroom and homeschooling experience and are comfortable providing a
wide range of styles and amounts of support.

Our Homeschool Program

SDNH teachers work with a roster of students and meet individually with each student and his or her family to assess, plan, assign, review completed work, and re-evaluate learning to determine “next steps” toward mastery of the teaching and learning goals for the student. Cooperative and collaborative relationships must exist with the parents and teachers in order for this system to be successful. Once parents experience the child-centered focus of the SDNH credentialed teachers, concerns about the balance of freedom, flexibility, and accountability diminish.

Student and their parent(s) meet with the credentialed SDNH teacher at
least monthly for students in grades K-8 and weekly for grades 9-12. During these meeting, this team becomes a close knit group focused on successful academic achievement of the student. SDNH teachers are accountable for the attendance verification of the students and parents can count on them for professional treatment of their child’s education which remains the parents’ domain.

During the meeting, agreement is reached for
academic goals that fit the individual child’s level of learning and lessons with assignments specifically designed for his or her learning style and interests. While the teaching and learning is completed at home; in the consultation , assessment, discussion, and planning of “next steps” occurs. The teacher is responsible to complete attendance reports to the state based on completed assignments by the student. The teacher is also responsible to provide a report card and information to the family regarding the achievement levels of the student as compared to other students in the same grade level.

About SDNH

When typical chartered homeschool programs overemphasize parent responsibility, they can leave many parents feeling unsupported and inadequate for the task. Ultimately, many of these parents give up and return to their children to traditional programs without reaching the academic, behavioral, or social goals for which they had originally chosen to homeschool. SDNH is committed to a balanced approach to homeschooling that does not leave parents feeling left on their own. Teacher and Parents Supervise Student Learning.

SDNH is a homeschool program that honors the place of Parent,Teacher and Student as a cadre of lifelong learners. Years of homeschooling experience has shown that
homeschool parents want freedom and flexibility for teaching their children, and still welcome trusted, supportive homeschool teachers as partners in the process. Such parents find credentialed teacher support a relief and not a restriction.

The U.S. Department of Labor data for 2003 shows that 85% of the homeschool families surveyed stated safety as an important reason for their choice of homeschooling. Clearly, this puts many parents in the role of teacher at home who would appreciate clear goals, excellent materials, professional insight, and methods offered by the credentialed teachers of SDNH.

Since many parents today choose homeschooling for increased safety for their children, knowing that there will be adequate guidance and help serves
to help the family adjust to homeschooling.

The SDNH program is designed specifically to
help parents who welcome the assistance of a credentialed teacher as they navigate through their homeschool experience.

SDNH will assist homeschool families of a wide variety of styles from those who want little traditional input from the credentialed teacher to those who prefer step by step assistance ! SDNH’s style of support is particularly valuable for homeschool families for whom English is a second language.

Regardless of the style of homeschool family served,
SDNH’s goal is to help the student and family have a happy, successful homeschool experience.


What kind of curriculum does SDNH use ? SDNH uses the California content standards as the curriculum for each student.  The teacher and parents choose from a variety of materials and programs that will appropriately meet the standards within the student’s ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development) which will fit into personal preferences, learning styles and family and neighborhood environments.

How can you register ?

To enroll your child in SDNH: Give us a call at 760.295.1117 for our North County Site or Call at our South County Site 619.422.5216. Complete an orientation meeting; complete a registration packet including providing appropriate evidence of residing within the area of service for SDNH; when the enrollment packet has been accepted as complete, you will be given an appointment with a SDNH teacher with whom you will meet; sign the SDNH Master Agreement and other required forms.
NOTE: You do not have to have an inter-district transfer to enroll at SDNH.
You cannot be enrolled in another school while enrolled at SDNH. Your family must reside in San Diego County or an adjacent county.